Iago Barreiro

Digital Art Direction
& Web Development

IGFAE Labs Design and development for USC (University of Santiago de Compostela). With Novagarda 2022
EEDG Design and code. With Novagarda. Bronze Laus Award 2022 2021
Alias Alias Design and Development for Naming Agency 2021
Modular Personal project. Visual identity, design and code. Photography by Luís Díaz. 2020
Tobias Lipp Concept, visual identity and website. 2020
Love Hvar Concept, visual identity and website. 2019
David Galar Experimental microsite for a motion designer. Concept, digital art direction and code. 2018
Vidal Orga Experimental microsite for a photographer. Concept, design and code 2018
OMEN Concept, visual identity and website. 2018
Bamboo Visual identity and website for a Fashion Photographers Agency 2016